This is where the transformative personal experience meet nature in its simplicity and splendor. I cried, laughed and sang connecting with my past standing certain in my present and made a plan for my future. It was at once simple and wondrous.
And I can’t say enough about how introspective, transformative, informative and relaxing this entire experience of Spirit, Drums and Horses was for me.

Maureen V –

“Life Altering” This is the perfect retreat if you are at a crossroads in your life. It will make you think differently about your perceived or real obstacles that hold you back from living your authentic self.
Catherine G –

I loved it. The experiences, the food, the horses and the group itself were great. I came with sort of an unknowing of myself. I have learned so much through stories, lessons and playing.
Alanna G –


“Wanting to share my experience with Adele and Mickey. As is the case in so many learnings, our teachers come from the most unlikely places we can imagine. Mickey ( the big, beautiful four legged beast) Adele and I worked together to help bring forward the truth about what we need to go through, go over, and go around in life situations. The innate message offered by Mickey became real when spoken out loud and his presence brought to life the truth of what present and real in the moment. Powerful and always surprising. Thank you Adele and Mickey!” 

-Barb, Ontario


“What an amazing and profound experience it was to do a drum making workshop with Adele!! Although I knew that it would be a ‘great new experience’ ( I have never done it before), my soul was very deeply touched in many unexpected ways…..by Adele’s open & authentic sharing, by the presence & sharing of the other women involved, by the beautiful drumming songs that Adele sang throughout the day as she guided us in building our drums, by the wonderful surroundings at Thirteen Moons Retreat Centre, by the delicious food (thank you Louise!), by the attention to the sacredness of ceremony, by my own (BIG) inner shift/release a week after making my drum…..and the list goes on…. 🙂 🙂

Adele’s humour and her human-ness, as well as her beautiful loving heart, made for a very magical experience indeed. I absolutely LOVE my drum!! Thank you Heart Medicine Woman xo”


I found my place in this world – connected to horses, pill the Earth, clinic my ancestors, my students and donkeys too.

– Pam, Bobcageon

Expect the unexpected – then come away with even more.
– Tara, Toronto

This workshop is suitable for both horse owners and non horse owners in making us more aware of how each of us affects the other and encourages intuition and sense of peace in our day to day interactions.
– Linda, Indian River

Even as an experienced horse owner, I learned much more about how much my horses have to teach me.
– Bill, Indian River


  1. In early January I attended a Vision Board worshop that Adele was hosting.

    If you don’t know Adele, you really should know her, she is a beautiful compassionate wise “old soul” who is so willing to share her gifts and wisdom.

    It was a beautiful experience as we all came together to explore out desires for this new year. Leading with her heart, Adele’s authenticity leads us to open to our own creativity.

    I highly recommend the workshop and will make this an annual event.

    Thanks Adele


    • Hey Anne so thrilled to read your words. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I look forward to seeing you again.
      Much love and gratitude, From my heart to yours…

  2. Had the pleasure of participating in one of Adele’s drum circles this week at the retirement home where my Mom is a very senior resident. It was terrific to see how the power of musical rhythm engaged and connected the participants. Adele has a warm and open presence that draws everyone in. A great event for all ages! Thank you Adele!

    • Thank you Mark for you kind words. Know it was indeed a pleasure to be in circle with everyone creating what I call good medicine together.
      Blessings to you and yours…

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