About Me


Vision: Is to bring love and compassion to the hearts of humanity so we can remember why we’re here.

Making her own drum played a significant role in guiding Adele home to her heart, and honouring her Native roots and Metis Heritage.  Adele combines aspects from her life experiences and ancestral wisdom to facilitate Drum Making Experiences and drumming circles.

Adele has always had an amazing love and ability to connect with horses and people alike. She knows first hand the amazing affect that horses can have on a person’s heart. Throughout her life whenever healing was needed, without even understanding the connection, Adele was called back to the horses. The horses guided her wounded spirit towards self-actualization, acceptance and love.

As the creator of “In Circle with Life,” Adele creates a sacred space for those wanting to begin their journey back to their source, that of love, by opening a pathway to self-healing, better health and happiness and a more heart centred and creative life. Adele, connected to spirit, partners with horses and Earth Mother Medicine offering private, group sessions and workshops.

A balanced self is paramount to her agenda to facilitate her clients’ personal journeys towards wholeness and spiritual freedom.

Adele is a Registered Natural Health Practitioner, Wellness and Life Co-Creative Life Coach, Certified Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning or FEEL Facilitator, trained as both Thai Massage Practitioner and Yoga Exercise Specialist.